Chrome’s protocol handler defines it’s behavior when a URL is opened which uses a specific http protocol. An example would be SharePoint trying to open word or the call button on Google Maps.

Chrome saves your choice for each protocol. If you accidentally select to never allow a protocol, chrome will not be able to open it again.

There a multiple ways to fix this problem, however they sometimes may not work.

1. Reset the protocol in Chrome’s settings

Open the following URL:


In case you see a list of protocols: GREAT, resetting will be easy for you. Just delete the protocol from the list. If you don’t see a list, proceed to step two.

2. Edit Chrome’s User data using a texteditor

  1. Quit Chrome. Use the taskmanager to make sure no Chrome process is running. If Chrome is running your changes will not save.
  2. Go to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data in Windows Explorer. This is the folder Chrome stores all your settings in.
  3. Open notepad++ or a similar editor and search for the protocol you need. For example “word” or “excel”. Make sure to search the whole folder.
  4. You will find multiple results. It will look something like this:
  5. Just replace the word “true” with “false”.
  6. Make sure to save all files and start Chrome again.
  7. You should now be able to open the protocol again.