The following code will help you to get the selected item in the onPress Event Methode of your OpenUI5 / SAP UI5 Application.

In this specific use case we assume, that you use xml views and the list get’s created by data binding.


<List items="{/mylist}" itemPress="onPressList">
        <StandardListItem title="{name}" type="Active"  />


onPressList: function(oEvent) {
    // The actual Item
    var oItem = oEvent.getSource();
    // The model that is bound to the item
    //the name of your model should be a parameter in getBindingContext
    var oContext = oItem.getBindingContext();
    // A single property from the bound model
    var sName = oContext.getProperty("Name");

This aproach can be used for all kind of lists, like SplitApp, List, Table, etc.